Our mission...

   “I am on a mission to remind people they are loved and valued just as they are, through meaningful, handmade jewellery. My designs play with the nostalgia of old world aesthetics and the freshness of modern design, and are handmade with every attention to detail and quality. The process is incredibly important to me, from hand-picking every stone to hand-carving each piece myself; I hope that the amount of passion and adoration I put into every one of my pieces is passed on along with the jewellery itself as heirlooms in the years to come.”

- Hayley Elise


About Hayley

   Hayley spent several years as an apprentice to a master jeweller in Israel where she was trained in traditional jewellery crafting techniques. This was where she was introduced to the world of lost wax carving, and her love and passion for the technique grew. While her work is inspired by moody, Victorian imagery, Hayley is drawn to design for the modern individual.  Her favorite pieces to design are both dreamy and practical, eclectic yet contemporary.


The Lost Wax Process

   All Hayley Elise Jewellery pieces start their story as a hand-made wax carving. Through an ancient, multi-step process, the wax model transforms into a gold casting. This process is commonly known as “lost wax casting.” Each casting is cleaned, stone-set, and polished in-house to assure quality. Once each piece is lovingly and meticulously inspected, it gets packaged and shipped out, waiting to be sparkling in your hands.


About our materials

   All of our gold is recycled, our signature accent diamonds are ethically sourced and adhere to the Kimberley Process. We also prioritize ethically sourcing our stones as much as it is possible.